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  • Aim: to improve nasal breathing in order to reduce snoring
  • Function: Extension of the nose wings with magnetic nose clip for better air supply
  • Wearing comfort: Comfortable due to fine design, light and transparent, especially for all-night wear
  • Universal size: Suitable for men and women without the need for size adjustment
  • Special features:
    • 2 magnetic ends to gently widen the nostrils
    • Thin, light and transparent design for discreet use
    • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Areas of application: snoring, chronic nasal congestion, colds, endurance sports
  • Advantages:
    • No surgery necessary
    • Promotes even and silent breathing
    • Improves general well-being and performance
  • Material: Made of soft silicone, latex- and BPA-free, without chemical substances

Sleepclip – the small clip against snoring

If nasal breathing does not work properly, this usually results in annoying snoring. Why is that?

If you have difficulty breathing through your nose at night for anatomical or other reasons, your body automatically compensates for the oxygen supply through your mouth. This opens, the tongue slides backwards during sleep and this causes the breathing tube in the tongue and throat to collapse. This results in snoring.

This reaction chain should be prevented by keeping the nose free. If the nasal constriction is not anatomical – e.g. due to a deviated nasal septum, etc. – the Sleepclip can be used as a small aid against snoring. – The Sleepclip can be used as a small aid against snoring to improve the function of the airways.


As a magnetic nose clip, the Sleepclip widens the nostrils and thus effectively supports breathing. The small ball ends cling magnetically to the nasal septum and hold both nostrils apart. This facilitates the air supply during breathing. Thanks to the fine design of the sleep clip, it is noticeably comfortable to wear. Lightweight and transparent, it is an uncomplicated remedy for snoring. The nasal entrance thus remains permanently accessible and keeps the airways clear.

Universal size / Onesize – remedy for snoring:

There is no size here. This aid is designed and can be used universally for men and women in a single size. The nose clip simply fits everyone perfectly. This is what makes the Sleepclip so popular.

Product description

The Sleepclip really keeps the airways clear: the two clip arms end in magnetic heads and give the Sleepbit a secure hold in the nose. This gently widens the nostrils and facilitates direct air intake. The improved breathing is intended to prevent snoring.

Not only is the easy-care material practical, but also the inconspicuous transparency. The slim, minimalist shape ensures a comfortable fit. The Sleepclip is comfortable to wear while you sleep. This allows him to ensure unrestricted breathing through the nose and eliminate the cause of snoring.

Caring for the Sleepbit is practically very simple: the nose clip is cleaned every morning with soap and water. Done!


  • 2 magnetic ends
  • Nose clip in thin, lightweight design
  • Discreet and transparent
  • Universal size (for women and men)


The Sleepclip can be used without side effects as a remedy for snoring, e.g. in cases of chronic nasal congestion or constriction in the front of the nose. Even if you have the feeling that you are having trouble breathing, the Sleepclip could provide a quick remedy.

Small, inconspicuous and inexpensive – the Sleeclip is easily clipped to the nose and could – from now on! – ensure free, more even breathing through the nose. By widening the nostrils, the airway through the nasal cavities is improved. As a result, inhalation through the mouth is prevented and at the same time the air supply through the nose is increased. Ultimately, this ensures more even and noiseless, i.e. snoring-free, breathing and a restful night. The Sleepclip can therefore be very effective and not only reduce snoring, but also promote breathing through the nose.

In general, the nose clip can be tried out as a remedy for snoring, colds or endurance sports. The widened nostrils increase the air supply, breathing becomes smoother and well-being and performance are improved.

Important note: The magnetic sleep clip must not be used on pregnant women or people with heart pacemakers.

Customized after purchase – for women and men!

Facilitates the air supply through the nose, which improves breathing during sleep and can completely stop snoring.
Can be tried out easily
Expands the nostrils and thus mechanically ensures better breathing – for colds, endurance sports and snoring.

Practical care titles
The nose clip is easy to clean.

Transparent version
Transparent design for discreet wear.

High wearing comfort

Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to an extremely lightweight design made of soft material with rounded edges. The Sleepclip fits comfortably and works for freely accessible airways.

No surgery necessary

Simply try out the Sleepclip before you undergo a complicated operation.

Odorless and harmless to health
Made of soft silicone, latex and BPA-free, free from other chemical substances.

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Sleepclip nose clip OneSize Universal size
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