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Sleep splint – universal size dental splint

Sleep splint – the safe alternative against snoring and teeth grinding

Does a dental splint help against snoring?

Yes, because snoring is most often caused by the mouth opening during sleep. Regardless of the cause, this problem should simply be rectified. This is because as soon as the mouth opens, the tongue slides backwards and the breathing tube collapses in the tongue and throat area. This results in the sound of snoring. To effectively prevent this reaction chain, the mouth must remain closed and the tongue in position during sleep.

This function is performed by the dental splint. So snoring doesn’t stand a chance!


The sleep splint against snoring fixes the lower jaw and tongue. With the right bite, the mouth remains closed and the cause of snoring is thus eliminated. The closed mouth therefore also prevents unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, dry mouth, etc.

Thanks to the soft material and the sophisticated product design of the Sleep snoring splint, it is very comfortable to wear after fitting. This is because the fit is individually adjusted during the first insertion. This makes the dental splint a reliable remedy for snoring.

Important note: While the dental splint is being worn, breathing via the nasal passage should be ensured at all times. If nasal breathing is not working properly, it is advisable to support it with a nasal spreader, nose clip or sleepring. After all, it only makes sense to stop snoring via the dental splint if breathing through the nose is ensured.

Universal size / Onesize – remedy for snoring: This dental splint is available in one universal size. The right impression is individually molded during the first insertion. This aid is universally designed for men and women in a single size. After adjusting the shape, the splint simply fits perfectly.

Product description

The sleep splint keeps the lower jaw or the bite and tongue in the correct position and thus keeps the mouth closed. With the first application, the individual adjustment is made according to the instructions. A precise impression ensures that the lower jaw is held securely and the mouth remains closed. As a result, breathing works as usual through the nose and snoring stops.

Not only is the transparent material, which is pleasant to the touch, practical, but also the universal size, which can be adjusted several times if necessary. The Sleep dental splint is comfortable to wear during sleep once you get used to it.

Maintenance of the Sleep aligner is uncomplicated: After each use, it should be cleaned with either detergent solution or dental cleaning agent and then dried. During the day, it is stored in the corresponding box.


  • Tooth splint in universal size / OneSize
  • Material can be adjusted several times if the first impression is unsuccessful
  • Discreet, transparent design
  • Included storage box and holder


The Sleep dental splint can be used as a remedy for snoring if the snoring is caused by the open mouth during sleep. Simply adjust, insert and fix the lower jaw. This keeps the mouth closed, the airways clear and prevents snoring from occurring in the first place.

The dental splint is made of thermoplastic material. For this reason, it is heated in water according to the instructions before first use and then adjusted to the jaw. This gives the snoring splint its stable hold.

As a result, inhalation through the mouth is safely prevented and diverted to the nose. Ultimately, this ensures more even and noiseless, i.e. snoring-free, breathing and a restful night. The dental splint is therefore very effective against snoring, but only if breathing through the nose is also ensured.

Soft, adaptable and effective – the Sleep dental splint keeps the mouth closed and the night quiet.

When should a dental splint not be used to treat snoring?

  • For temporomandibular joint pain
  • If the tooth status is significantly reduced or loose, as the splint is not held in place
  • For periodontal disease
  • For other respiratory diseases, only after consulting a doctor


It is possible that an initial gag reflex may occur or increased salivation may be observed when using the dental splint. You should take enough time to get used to it and increase the wearing time hour by hour each night. After 1-2 weeks, the foreign body sensation changes and the splint can be worn comfortably.

Lifespan: Depending on the care of the product and the intensity of the teeth grinding, a Sleep splint can be used for 6-12 months.

Universal size – One Size
Customized after purchase – for women and men!

Very efficient
A safe solution to snoring and teeth grinding

Recommended as an immediate medical aid
Developed by dentists, orthodontists and ENT doctors.

Practical care
The dental splint is simply cleaned.

Transparent version
Transparent design for discreet wear.

Optimum wearing comfort
The soft material design, the rounded edges and the individual adjustment – once the splint has been adjusted, it sits comfortably and reliably.

No surgery necessary
Simply try out the Sleep dental splint before you undergo a complicated operation.

Safe material
The sleep splint is made of thermoplastic material – EVA (EVA is classified as non-toxic and is also used for children’s toys).

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Anti-snoring splint
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