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  • Effective attenuation of disturbing ambient noise
  • Important sounds such as alarm clocks remain audible
  • Comfortable all night long thanks to soft material and special filter
  • Revolutionary earplug design for natural cushioning and excellent fit
  • Unique Sleeping SleepQuiet to reduce snoring and noise
  • Ideal for at home, in the hotel or at the campsite
  • Soft filters specially developed for side sleepers
  • Sleeping SleepQuiet material for a comfortable fit and hypoallergenic properties
  • With practical minigrip for easy removal
  • Alpine Cleaner included for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for sleep apnea and snoring during pregnancy
  • Free from silicones, reusable

Discover new sleeping comfort with Sleeping SleepQuiet earplugs

Do you know the feeling of waking up tired in the morning because snoring, noise from neighbors or traffic has disturbed your sleep? You are not alone – almost a third of all people suffer from such sleep problems. A lack of sleep can have serious consequences, from constant tiredness to health problems.

The solution for quiet nights Sleepring presents the SleepQuiet earplugs – the ideal solution for anyone looking for peace and quiet at night. These earplugs effectively reduce annoying noise while you can still hear important sounds such as your alarm clock. Thanks to the soft material and the special filter, they are comfortable to wear all night long.

Innovative design for maximum comfort With twenty years of experience, Alpine has developed a revolutionary earplug model. Thanks to their sophisticated shape, the earplugs offer natural cushioning and fit every ear perfectly.

SleepQuiet for an undisturbed night’s sleep The special SleepQuiet filters dampen annoying noises so that you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. The special feature: You don’t feel isolated and can still hear important signals such as alarms or your child’s crying. Ideal for at home, in the hotel or at the campsite.

Extra comfort thanks to soft filters The SleepQuiet earplugs are equipped with a unique, comfortable and flexible filter. They are particularly suitable for side sleepers and can be individually adjusted as required.

High-quality material The exclusive material ensures a perfect fit and high wearing comfort, adapts to your ear and stays securely in place. It is hypoallergenic and silicone-free, which prevents allergic reactions.

NEW – The Minigrip The new “Minigrip” makes it even easier to remove the earplugs. It is small and soft so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep.

Easy to clean with the cleaner The set also includes a practical cleaner, which you can use to keep your earplugs clean and extend their service life.

Unique product benefits:

  • Absorbs disturbing noise, but lets important sounds through
  • Comfortable and secure, fits in every ear
  • Easy cleaning and reusability
  • Also suitable for sleep apnea and snoring during pregnancy
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