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Are you tired of experiencing disturbed nights due to snoring and waking up exhausted the next morning? Snoring is not only a night-time nuisance, but can also affect your health and that of your partner in the long term. But now there is a simple and effective solution: our snoring ring.

Why snoring is a problem:

Snoring can lead to interrupted sleep, daytime tiredness and tension in relationships. Not only does it affect your sleep quality, but it can also be a sign of more serious health problems.

The innovative solution:

Our anti-snoring ring uses gentle acupressure to naturally open and stabilize your airways while you sleep. By applying targeted pressure to specific points on your finger, based on the principles of acupressure, the ring helps to effectively reduce snoring.

Simple and convenient:

The anti-snoring ring is made from high-quality 925 silver and fits comfortably on any finger. It is designed so that it does not disturb you during the night and you will hardly feel it.

Who is it suitable for?

Ideal for you if you are looking for a non-invasive and drug-free solution. Whether you snore occasionally or regularly – this anti-snoring stopper can help.

Premium sleepring made from 925 silver incl. Anti-snoring training

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You can find out the correct inner ring circumference with a piece of thread or a piece of paper. Wrap the thread or paper tightly around your little finger and measure the length. The result is then your ring size.

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Our promise

Snoring ring with money-back guarantee. You will get your money back within 30 days if the snoring ring does not work for you. We promise!

How does this anti snoring ring help against snoring?

A snoring ring is an aid against snoring. The snoring ring is placed on the little finger. Right for men and left for women. Since the meridians are mirrored according to gender. With its two activators, it presses on two acupressure points that run into the nose and throat region. These points are SI2-Qiangu and HT9 Shao Chong. ** The two internal pressure points exert permanent blunt pressure on two points responsible for breathing during sleep. Thanks to the improved oxygen supply, snoring is prevented. The TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine technique is already recommended for many diseases, complaints and problems, including sleep disorders. ****The principle is simple and has been tried and tested for over 2500 years in the teaching of Chinese acupressure. *****Source: and ***Source: Acupressure, Franz Wagner published by GU-Verlag ****Quelle: Healthy sleep with TCM: nutrition tips and herbal recipes / acupressure
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The term snoring ring is actually wrong. Sleepring can also be useful for other problems. I use it, for example, when I have a blocked nose due to hay fever or a cold. The breathing ring helps me to breathe better.

That is why the term breathing ring is much more appropriate.


Our tip: If you want peace and quiet tomorrow, you need to get the Sleepring. ;-)

The snoring ring is known from:

Der Schnarchring ist bekannt aus

Who is the anti-snoring ring suitable for?

If you are looking for a simple and natural solution to snoring, then this ring is just the thing for you. But remember: heavy snorers should wear a snoring ring on both sides.


As I like to get to the bottom of things, I carried out a self-test with an app. Here are my personal results:

Auswertung Schnarchen 1
without Sleepring (snoring ring)
Auswertung Schnarchen 2
with Sleepring (snoring ring)

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Very heavy snorers should wear a sleepring on the right and left.

Premium sleepring made from 925 silver incl. Anti-snoring training

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How do I determine the right size?
The ring is available in different sizes to optimally activate the acupressure points. You can find out the correct inner ring circumference with a piece of thread or a piece of paper. Wrap the thread or paper tightly around your little finger and measure the length. The result is then your ring size.

User reviews

Frequently asked questions when buying a snoring ring

What material is the snoring ring made of?

The Original Sleepring is made from a copper-brass alloy, the Platinum Sleepring from a platinum-brass alloy and the Premium Sleepring from 925 silver. The effect is not dependent on the manufacturing material.

Acupressure ring – effective or not? Simply test it!

The effect of acupressure rings – in whatever form – is not just a matter of debate between doctors and laypeople or users and skeptics. Here, too, opinions differ, product reviews are extremely varied, conversations end in disputes and much more. As soon as the effectiveness of this snoring remedy is discussed, there are spontaneously people who would try it or those for whom it is humbug.

The fact is that this product was designed as a remedy for snoring and is also widely used. The Sleepring, for example, is designed as an acupressure ring and is intended to influence the nose and throat region by applying blunt pressure through two activators on two acupressure points on the little finger. This can minimize or even prevent snoring. When you read and hear this, you may or may not believe it. It is similar to the case of neurodermatitis, which is difficult to control with conventional medicine, but where a naturopath or TCM can suddenly provide relief with rather unusual or uncommon methods. Here, too, it takes a lot of effort to get involved with treatments that are not recognized by health insurance companies, to try them out and to judge for yourself. It’s not a promise, just worth a try!

Are there any studies or independent tests that prove the effectiveness of anti-snoring rings?

There is probably a study in the USA, but we do not have it. The clinical trial was a randomized, double-blind placebo study. In the study, 40 adults were examined for 14 days for their snoring behavior. The snoring ring is said to have significantly reduced or stopped snoring in 80% of cases. Snoring rings were successfully tested on Pro7 Galieo in the Fake Check. The magazines Taff on Pro7 and “Hauptsache gesund” on MDR have also confirmed the effect. However, as the effect will be different for every snorer, you should definitely take note of the 30-day right of return when buying a snoring ring. This is the only way you can test the effect of the snoring ring at home.

When should the Sleepring be worn?

The acupressure ring against snoring is worn during sleep. It is applied shortly before going to bed – about 15 to 30 minutes before – and then has time to take effect. It can be removed again after waking up. However, it should not be worn for longer than 12 hours.

How many acupressure points should a snoring ring have?

Snoring rings with different activators are available. You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 points, which acupress accordingly. In our test series, only the variant with 2 opposing activators proved to be successful. Rings with two activators on one side are also available. Unfortunately, these cannot be set to the correct acupressure points on the hand.

Which Sleepring snoring ring should I choose?

The snoring ring must fit and sit correctly on the little finger to be effective. Size is therefore important. In the product selection, the size is given in mm. To do this, you need to determine your own ring size. This can be measured either with a ring that fits well on the little finger or with the help of a string. Place this around your little finger and determine the circumference. Then measure the length of the cord you need. Now choose the right size of snoring ring. The material is also decisive when choosing a product. Sleepring offers the snoring ring in two high-quality versions: the platinum snoring ring made of a platinum alloy and the premium snoring ring made of 925 silver. These differ only in the manufacturing material. This does not affect the function of the acupressure ring. Choose your snoring ring according to material compatibility and preference.

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