Original Sleepbit nose spreader in 4 sizes


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  • Aim: Improving nasal breathing to prevent and reduce snoring
  • Function: The Sleepbit widens the nostrils by means of small, soft plastic cups that facilitate the air supply
  • Wearing comfort: Comfortable due to fine design, light and transparent materials, can be worn all night long
  • Sizes: Set of 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L) for women and men to ensure the optimal fit
  • Material: Easy-care, discreet and transparent material for discreet use
  • Application: Recommended for chronically blocked noses, constrictions in the front of the nose or for people who feel that they have difficulty getting air through their nose
  • Advantages: Enables free and more even breathing through the nose, prevents inhalation through the mouth and thus improves sleep quality
  • Care: Easy cleaning with soap and water
  • Addition: Medical silicone, latex- and BPA-free, with a 30-day extended return policy, provided the product is unused and undamaged

Original Sleepbit nasal spreader set with 4 sizes

The nasal spreader is a supplement to the Sleepring, which is used when both the nasal septum is curved and the throat area is narrowed. The obstruction or restriction of nasal breathing is one of the most common causes of snoring. If the airways are constricted or not clear, the sleeping person automatically breathes through the mouth. This narrows the airway in the throat area, the tongue is sucked in more easily against the throat wall when inhaling and annoying snoring noises occur. To prevent and avoid this, you should also ensure that your nose can breathe freely at night. Medical advice is required for chronic sinusitis, curvature of the nasal septum or allergies. However, if the nostrils have grown very narrow or it is generally suspected that it is difficult to get air through the nose, a nasal spreader or nasal dilator can help.


The Sleepbit is a simple nasal spreader that is easily and evenly inserted into the nostrils. The small, soft plastic cups keep the two nostrils further apart, making it easier to breathe. The fine design of the Sleepclip ensures that it is comfortable to wear. The two baskets are connected by a bar and provide support. The nasal entrance thus remains permanently accessible and keeps the airways clear.

Determine the correct size: The nose clip must not be too loose or fall out. However, it must not be inserted painfully or press against the nasal septum. Try out the different sizes for yourself to determine the optimum size for your Sleepbit. The Sleepbit is supplied as a set of 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L (for women and men).

Product description

The Sleepbit literally opens up the airways: two lightweight baskets with a fine mesh structure, which are connected by a light bridge, gently widen the nostrils and thus facilitate direct air intake. Improved breathing can stop snoring. Not only is the easy-care material practical, but also the inconspicuous transparency. The anatomically cut shape ensures a comfortable fit. If the clip is the right size and handled correctly, it can be worn comfortably even while sleeping.

The nasal spreader can thus ensure continuous free breathing through the nose. With free nasal breathing, the causes of snoring and thus the snoring noises can be completely eliminated.

Caring for the Sleepbit is practically very simple: it is cleaned every morning with soap and water. Done!


  • 4 cylindrically shaped nose spreaders
  • Two nose cups are connected by a thin bridge
  • Light mesh structure of the surface
  • Discreet, transparent design
  • Included sizes: XS, S, M, L (for women and men)


If ENT doctors recommend nasal dilators as a medical remedy for snoring (e.g. for chronically blocked noses or constrictions in the front of the nose) or if you yourself feel that you cannot breathe easily, the Sleepbit could provide a quick remedy.

Small, inconspicuous and inexpensive – the Sleepbit is easily inserted into the nose and could – from now on! – ensure free, more even breathing through the nose. By mechanically widening the nostrils, the airway through the nasal cavities can be improved. Breathing in through the mouth is prevented, the air supply through the nose is increased, more even and noiseless breathing ensures a restful night. The Sleepbit can therefore be very effective and not only reduce snoring, but also promote breathing through the nose.

Nasal spreaders are generally recommended as a remedy for snoring. However, they can also improve breathing during colds or endurance sports. The widened nostrils increase the air supply, breathing becomes smoother and well-being and performance are improved.

Four sizes in one set

  • Find your perfect size! Included sizes: XS, S, M, L (for women and men)

Practical and efficient

  • Facilitates the air supply through the nose, which improves breathing during sleep and can completely stop snoring.

Recommended as an immediate medical aid

  • Expands the nostrils and thus mechanically ensures better breathing – for colds, endurance sports and snoring.

Practical care

  • The nasal dilator is easy to wear and is cleaned with soap and water.

Transparent version

  • Transparent design for discreet wear.

High wearing comfort

  • Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to an extremely lightweight design made of soft material with rounded edges. The Sleepclip fits snugly when worn in the optimum size and works for freely accessible airways.

No surgery necessary

  • Simply try out the Sleepbit before you undergo a complicated operation.

Latex and BPA-free

  • The Sleepbit is made of soft medical silicone.

Please note: We have a 30-day right of return – beyond the statutory right of withdrawal and warranty! You can return or exchange all products from our store within 30 days of receipt of the goods, provided that the goods are complete and in an unused and undamaged condition. If the sales packaging of the goods is sealed or heat-sealed for hygienic reasons, this voluntary right of return and exchange only applies if the hygiene seal is intact.

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Original Sleepbit nose spreader in 4 sizes
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